The Mission

Omnidegradable® is unlike any other degradable plastic ever invented in history!

Don’t believe us, believe science. Unlike other biodegradable solutions, when products are manufactured from Omnidegradable® plastics, they break down in any environment – pollution free!

In fact the only elements Omnidegradable® products break down into are water, carbon dioxide and biomass –  all of which are beneficial to plant growth.

TekPak is a company based in Canada whose vision is to created intelligent, cost-effective solutions for consumers that also don’t negatively impact the environment. Their overarching goal is to be the global name when one thinks of environmentally friendly base materials for consumers.

TekPak Solutions Canada was created by the founder, Robert Pocius who has been working in the print and packaging industry for over 35 years.  Robert started TekPak in 2002 because he wanted to see real change in his lifetime and was disappointed by all the greenwashing that was – and still is – happening in the industry.

The European Union’s Committee on Sustainable Plastics said, and we quote, that this is “The only viable solution available today” when referring to sustainable, biodegradable plastics. They declared all others either difficult to work with, horribly polluting to the environment or so expensive that they would raise the cost of food stuffs beyond the reach most people – the rest failed, Omnidegradable® didn’t.

Below is a table showing the requirements (criteria) for degrading of TekPak and the competing technologies.

Below is a comparison of 1,000 paper, PLA and Bio Poly bags in regards to energy to dispose of, fuel needed, solid waste created, CO2 released during the process, and water required for the process.

No, TekPak did their homework and realized that while other so-called ‘biodegradable’ plastics existed, in truth, they merely broke down either into more harmful microbe sized contaminants or they broke down too soon and left store shelves covered in the stuff they were supposed to contain. Customers told us that the Cello liners of some coffee bags would crumble into the product whilst on the shelf, and when the bags were opened, plastic bags were found mixed into the product.

Additionally biodegradable plastics required the addition and/or creation of specific environments within which they would decompose at all. TekPak engineered something different…

TekPak called their solution Omnidegradable® because it breaks down in literally any environment, it truly is OMNI (Many) Degradable. It doesn’t require thousands of years either, it happens quickly and it happens reliably in any environment.

Yes, all TekPak products are tested by independent bodies.

Oxygen and Moisture barriers are created by using;

Vacuum Metalizing, Medium & High Barrier- Bio-Foil, Ultra High Barrier Films or the inherent barriers of certain films when they are “Fit for Use . TekPak will strive to find the most economical solution for each customer’s needs.

These are petroleum based products engineered with the use of a completely organic additive to biodegrade only when exposed to the microbes in landfill, soil or water.

Petroleum is naturally occurring in the Earth and we use it for many incredible products. With Omnidegradable® it is returned to the Earth, safely and completely.

They offer superior performance to other biodegradable technologies, are easier to use, less expensive, and have the added benefit of being completely recyclable, in single layers.  For these reasons we firmly believe it is the most viable solution to the problems with plastic – today.  For more information, check out The Truth About Plastic.

The additive is a particular blend of Organic compounds, which in the presence of microbes, create an enzyme that breaks down the long-chain molecules of the plastic. This allows the microbes to then consume the plastic.  After 10 years of testing, we can make just about any type of packaging Omnidegradable®  – resealable pouches, zippered bags and even bags with off-gasing valves.  For more information, check out The Truth About Plastic.

Yes. We also comply with many other ASTM standards : 5338/98, 5290 / 91, 5511, CEN 261085, ISO 14855 and we are FDA and SCF ( E.U.) compliant.

Yes.  We have worked with a variety of large Coffee manufacturers such as Melitta.