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TekPak off-the-shelf solutions are available immediately and can be customised with your own distinct branding with printed labels. There are a variety of sizes and options to suit your requirements:

  • finish: kraft brown or white clay
  • shelf life: low barrier to high barrier
  • style: side gusset, stand up pouch or box bottom
  • Omnidegradable® zipper, and Omnidegradable® valve as standard
  • 125g/250g/500g/1kg/2.5kg capacity

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We can create ANY roll stock to your requirements- just fill out our quote form and send us a sample of your current packaging (if you have any), and we will send a quote to your specifications

Contact us if you have any questions or queries

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Presumably all the samples sent are closed by heat sealing?

​Yes, this makes them tamper proof​. SOS bags are designed for short tern use (1 month). They do not include valves since they have glued bottoms and seals. A tin tie is used for closure and thus allows gas to escape.

Valves cannot be placed in the centre of a back seal bag unless on the face of the bag or unless the back seam is made off to one side.

Do you advise an optimum temperature for sealing? We recommend:

– start temperature is 250F, each sealer will have diffeent readings. Thicker bags need more heat.

-an impulse sealer, preferably with a foot pedal so your hands are free to hold the packaging

-variable temperatures that can go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

-3/8″ wide seal (some sealers that only use a thin wire to seal will have difficulty with our heavier gauge bags)

Can you give me more details on the ‘greenness’ of the printing involved with relevant items?

Our inks and coatings all comply with the CONEG standards to eliminate heavy metals and limit toxic chemicals in Inks and Coatings. Any solvents are heated and vacuumed off to be recycled.

We investigated Soy inks but they are made for Litho and we print in Gravure or Flexo. Soy inks are not what they seem to be.

For example, the ‘coffee café’ film looks very good, but as far as I remember, spot gloss finishes are not particularly environmentally friendly as a process.

In our process we reverse print on the PET and add a Spot Matte Lacquer in register on the top to get this effect.​ The lacquer is as environmentally friendly as we have available today for our equipment. See attached.

Do you have 2.2lb / kilo bags available as a stock item in other finishes/colours…eg gold, black, white, etc?

​We do have white and brown in stock any other color is considered a custom order.​

What is your roll stock production leadtime after artwork approval?

​Six – eight weeks once the artwork is completely approved in most cases. This is dependent on the season. As you know, in the coffee business, the fall is crazy every year. Shipping time is additional.