Recycling Alone Cannot Solve Plastic Problems Facing Us

Recycling Alone Cannot Solve Plastic Problems Facing Us

“….Plastic consumption worldwide is set to rise by over 400% over the next 20-30 years..if you all think we can recycle our way out of this problem then youre deluding yourselves!!!….”

Comment delivered from the stage at the Innovation Forum, Amnesty International Centre,  Nov, 17.

The unfortunate truth is that circular economies focusing solely on recycling plastics are not workable….

The necessary recycling plants don’t exist yet, collection infrastructure is patchy at best, only approx. 80% of what is collected can be recycled, and,

…plastics can only be recycled a finite number of times?

Did you know that…?

What happens to plastic that cannot be recycled anymore? gets dumped!

Usually into landfill or the sea!









We’ve all seen those images of landfill sites like the ones above, overflowing with debris, environmental blackspots that will remain unchanged for 100’s of years!! ..and massive plastic islands in our oceans half the size of Europe!!!

The only way we’re going to be able to deal with the issue of waste plastics NOW is to use ALL the tools at our disposal.

One of these tools is ‘additive technology’ (A.T.) & packaging manufactured to

  • degrade and disappear completely and safely in any environment
  • cost very little more than standard packaging
  • cost significantly less than so-called biodegradable products
  • be easily recycled
  • create ‘omnidegrdable’ plastics when ‘A.T.’ added to the recycling process avoiding the dumping of ‘end-of-life’ plastics

We all have a responsibility to source environmentally responsible products…so start to make a difference, now.

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