TekPak Europe Launches

TekPak Solutions Europe has launched and is now taking preorders for a new type of biodegradable packaging. TekPak Solutions Canada has developed fully biodegradable packaging options it calls Omnidegradable® – the whole of the bag/pouch will biodegrade entirely into bio-mass, carbon dioxide and water in a matter of months to years.

TekPak Europe will offer a selection of off-the-shelf products in Kraft and White paper finish, as well as the service to create bespoke designs for any packaging requirement- be it full-colour box bottom or metallic-foiled roll stock.

TekPak also offer eco-friendly label design and print service, for those wishing to add branding to off-the-shelf pouches and bags.

Those seeking more information on TekPak products, please call Marc-Pierre Dietrich directly on 07413 220657


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